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What’s it about?

Tess Brookes is a girl with a plan. She’s spent years slaving away at an ad agency, working towards that corner office. But when she’s unceremoniously fired, she doesn’t handle it in the most sensible way.

After accidentally answering her flatmate Veronica’s phone, she decides that if being Tess isn’t going so well, why not become someone else?

She accepts Veronica’s photography assignment to Hawaii but things end being far more tricky than she could ever have expected.

Plus the hot journalist she has to work with might be the most infuriating man she’s ever met, but all she wants to do is jump his bones. What’s a girl to do?

Why should I buy it?

If you love the I Heart… series then prepare to fall in love with a whole new character…

Tess Brookes is all kinds of awesome. She’s great at her job and she has everything planned but just like the rest of us, she’s not the best at handling life when all her plans fall apart around her.

Lindsey has definitely nailed how to create heroine’s that you can relate to even if they are completely different from you.

Think New Girl meets Bridget Jones’ diary and that’s not even close to describe the amazing way in which Lindsey creates a world of characters that are entertaining, endearing and straight up hilarious.

Except for the character Vanessa, she is the stuff of nightmares.

Plus we have to admit that any book set in Hawaii that mixes fashion and hot men into the mix is always going to go down a treat.

It’s pure escapism at its best and you need to have this book on your reading list this summer.

The first in a new series, the book is the perfect introduction to the world of Tess and trust us when we say you will be left dying to know what happens next in the crazy world of Tess.

Our favourite bit

Any part involving the unbelievably fabulous Kekipi, the man who manages the Bennett estate in Hawaii and is quite simply the gay BFF that we really wish we had in our lives. He is fabulous dah-ling!

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