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What a Fabulous review!

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What a Fabulous review!

‘So, whether you want a funny, sparky beach read or something altogether darker, you won’t be disappointed’ discovers Fabulous Magazine’s Claire Frost.

About A Girl by Lindsey Kelk (£7.99, HarperCollins) out now

“For Tess Brookes, her job at the ad agency where she’s worked for the past seven years, is everything. But then she’s made redundant – and there’s no plan B. Plus her mum is barely talking to her, she’s in love with her male best friend and her spoiled -princess and would-be photographer flatmate Vanessa is a complete nightmare. Then she takes a call from Vanessa’s agent saying she’s got a photography job for her in Hawaii taking pictures for a high-end magazine feature, and Tess makes the snap decision to pretend to be her flatmate. Before she knows it, Tess is in sunny Hawaii armed with the camera she used to love messing about with before her job at the ad agency took over, but with little clue what she’s doing – and all the while pretending to be super-bitch Vanessa. Throw into the mix a bad-boy-but-oh-so hot journalist, a party-mad-but-oh-so gay waiter intent on showing her a good time, an effortlessly chic art director and the small matter of Tess actually taking magazine-worthy photos, and you’ve got a recipe for disaster… haven’t you?”

The verdict:

“About A Girl is just perfect for reading on a sunny day on the beach or chilling out with a Pimm’s in the garden. It’s cleverly written to draw you in to the story from the beginning. The book starts with a short prologue that puts you right in the middle of the action in Hawaii and gives you just enough detail to leave you wanting to know how on earth Tess got herself into such a situation. Then Chapter One takes you right back to the start and the book slowly builds to its climax. You’ll probably already heard of author Lindsey Kelk from her I Heart… series of books (what, you haven’t read them? Go and buy I Heart New York now!), and excitingly, About A Girl is the first in a new series of books about Tess and co. So don’t necessarily expect a happy-ever-after neat ending. But if you want witty, lively escapism, you’ve come to the right book!”

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