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I owe you a very, very big thank you. Actually,  I owe you all a drink and some of you Percy Pigs and mini scotch eggs because ABOUT A GIRL CAME OUT AND IT’S DOING SO WELL AND YOU WERE ALL AWESOME AND LAST WEEK WAS THE BEST WEEK EVER.

And breathe.

Any book launch that beings with a super fun launch party that dissolves into debauched karaoke and ends in a cocktail lesson, hungover book banter brunch and amazing signing is OK with me. And that’s without even taking into consideration the awesome signings in Manchester and Sheffield! Which we must! Because they were dead good! And a nice lady gave me some rock! Seriously, if I were to go into detail as to exactly why it was so very, very wonderful, I would never get around to finishing I Heart Christmas and I don’t think you’d be into that AT ALL…

It was so brilliant to be able to meet so many of you, chat, eat Percy Pigs while looking serious but dancing a jig inside, discuss boys and books and all the different variations of gin. I spend an awful lot of time behind this computer, not talking to anyone, imagining no one is ever going to read this book but me, my agent and maybe two people at the publisher so when there are dark days – and if you follow me on Twitter (@lindseykelk) you’ll know that there are – remembering all the amazing things that you guys said will help. Because sometimes, it feels like it’s just me and this awful deadline and one hundred thousand words that have to be dragged out of my brain for no reason other than to punish me but then I meet you (or you, or you) and you say something like ‘your book inspired me to go traveling’ or ‘I read I Heart New York and thought, I deserve a nice handbag so I bought one’ or ‘I love your books because they make me laugh’ and I literally dissolve into a puddle of mush. Well, not literally but what I’m trying to say is, no matter how big a deal you might think it is for you to meet me, it’s a FAR bigger deal for me to meet you. Without you, there wouldn’t be any books. Without you, I’d still be that slightly off girl in the office with weird tattoos who wears shorts all year round. Without you, I wouldn’t be me.

So thank you.

Please do post any pictures on Facebook or Twitter or Instagam with the hashtag #AboutAGirl, I would LOVE to collect them all especially from any of the signings, brunch or Kelktails. Especially if they have the hot bartender or a cockwomble in them. Long story. In exchange, here are some of my outtakes from the last couple of weeks. Enjoy!

Here I am, protecting the book from pirates at Disneyland. Honest.


Pub day! Booze! Flowers! I like being me on pub day.

Yes I stole this from the launch party, yes I took it to karaoke, no I don’t feel bad about it.

Screen shot 2013-07-18 at 19.45.43

I got this at Twitter and I can’t even begin to tell you how excited NERD KELK got when they handed it over…

This is the bottom of an attractive man on Great Titchfield Street. Well played, London.

And in case my head had got too big, this man was sat in my chair at WH Smiths Stratford, ready to bring me back down to earth with a disapproving grimace. Not a fan.


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