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Lindsey Loves… Skincare Saviours

As you’ve probably noticed, I’ve been traveling a lot this year. While it’s been a lot of fun, both my skin and my credit card have suffered no end and there aren’t enough frequent flier miles to make up for fine, dryness lines, ammiright? On the upside, when I was in London pimping About A Girl, I was able to talk to lots of my favourite beauty peeps and now, a month later, I have the skin like a particularly well tended to baby’s bottom. Not one of those scabby nappy rash arses, oh no, we’re talking Grade A, Pampers advert skin.

I’ve long been a devotee of Elemis Pro-Collagen Marine Cream but new to my daily regime is the Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm. When I met with this little pot of wonder, my skin was so irritated, all I had to do was brush my cheek for it to flare up and it’s not ideal to walk around looking like you have the bubonic plague when you’re on a book tour. And in all honesty, when I first got my mitts on it, I wasn’t that impressed. It looked awfully small for almost £40 although it did smell nice. And then I used it. Holy Mary, Mother of GOD this stuff is incredible. I scooped out a tiny amount, warmed it up in my palms and massaged it all over my poor face. When I removed it with a hot cloth (actually a flannel but cloth sounds sexier, doesn’t it?) my skin glowed and within two days, it was completely calm.

elemis cleansing balm

Now I know that yes, this is a really expensive cleansing option (and I was given an editorial sample by the PR) but I’ve been using this for a month, almost every day and I’m less than halfway through the pot. When it eventually runs dry, I will be buying more, it’s that good. I almost wept when the comedy New York heat melted it in my bathroom but half an hour in the fridge and it was as good as new. And I learned an important lesson about not being a drama queen.



My other wonder product is something we’ve all been reading about for what seems like forever now but sheeeeee-it son, it’s bloody good. I picked up a tube of Hydraluron last winter (after reading about it on Caroline Hirons’ amazing blog) but kept forgetting to use it. After chucking it in my travel bag, I finally added it to my routine before my moisturizer on this last trip since I was feeling so dry and I really, really wish I’d started sooner. It’s amazing. I think a lot of the confusion about the product comes from people thinking the gel itself is a moisturiser when it isn’t. To quote the website directly, ‘Hydraluron uniquely combines the world’s purest hyaluronic acid and a bio-engineered strain of red marine algae causing a controlled increase in blood circulation. This increased circulation optimizes the penetration of the small particles of hyaluronic acid into the key deep layers of the skin and refill spaces formed through the aging process and improve skin structure.’  So now you know.

How many times do bloggers and journos need to tell you how amazing hyaluronic acid is? MAKE THIS THE LAST TIME. It gives me wonderfully soft and plump skin – LIKE A BABY’S BUM – and makes my moisturizers and serums work extra hard even though I don’t have to do a darned thing.
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