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About A Girl has been out for a couple of months now and you all seem to have very strong opinions about the men in the book.
Obviously, as the lady who wrote them, I also have strong opinions but as a lady who doesn’t know exactly what’s going to happen in the next book, I am struggling more than the rest of you with who Tess should choose.
So here’s a little reminder of where we’re at:

  • Tess has been in love with Charlie for, like, ever (to quote Tay Swift)
  • Granted, he was a blind fool and didn’t notice but we’ve all bee there, amiright?
  • He did cock up the hook up… silly Charlie
  • But the reason he cocked it up is because he’s not a smooth, super experienced player (I’m looking at you, Nick) and he was freaked out by feelings for someone he’s always thought of as his best friend!
  • I will also accept that he shouldn’t have done rudies with a certain other person in the book…
  • …but he didn’t know Tess loved him! And he’s just a man with a willy! And she’s hot! Hot girls make boys stupid!
  • He has had a difficult childhood and Tess has always been like family to him (sniff)
  • And when they did ‘do it’, it was dead good
  • And he truly, truly does love her
  • They share a lot of the same ambitions and values and that stuff is important to Tess
  • But at the same time, he doesn’t like to go on planes and that’s a bit of an issue
  • He plays football and he’s got really nice legs. And excellent hair
  • And once more with feeling, he really, really does love her…



  • Nick is really hot. Nothing specific, just drop-your-knickers-immediately, stupid hot
  • He’s super smart and adventurous and passionate and bold and interesting
  • Did I mention that he’s hot?
  • But Nick also has his fair share of issues – loooots of baggage
  • He’s emotionally removed and unreliable – would he really be there for Tess?
  • One minute he is making a huge romantic gesture and the next, he’s vanished without a word
  • We don’t really know his story, he could be entirely full of it
  • But he is ever so attractive and quick and annoying and grrrrr
  • Maybe he just needs the love of a good woman?
  • But maybe that’s a terrible cliche and Tess isn’t that stupid?
  • Nick could really, really break her heart…
  • …but would she regret it if she didn’t give it a shot?
  • Even though he has completely disappeared and we don’t even know if a relationship is even on the table
  • Should Tess really give up the future she always wanted with Charlie for the mystery box?


Let the debate begin!

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(14) Comments

  1. CHARLIE all the wayyyy!

  2. Charlie all the way!

  3. #teamnick 100%. It makes things more interesting. He’s more of an interesting character that will keep Tess on her toes and moving forward 🙂

  4. I’ve not got round to reading the book yet as I literally just finished another last night (I’ll start About A Girl tonight, promise!) But anyway, reading this felt like a total spoiler alert, however, going on the descriptions of both guys I’m totally rooting for Team Charlie!

  5. team nick all the say, charlie needs a slap and so does tess if she picks him.

  6. I’m barracking for Nick. Charlie had his chance and blew it and every girl likes to think she can fix a guy with “baggage” doesn’t she? Will be interested in what you’re going to serve up to us. I have totally loved all your books-my favourite is definitely Angela and Alex though.

  7. Team Nick for me, Charlie is too brother like. I think their relationship would blossom as friends.
    Nick is totally different, the new Tess needs a challenge and what better challenge than a hot , drop your knickers guy! I foresee a rocky road for them with Charlie being a issue. But how boring would it be to settle for either and live happily ever after!!

  8. Team Nick!!

  9. Team nick! Leave Charlie for Paige 🙂

  10. Def team nick!
    Would love to see if tess can finally change his attitude to committing.
    Even if things didn’t work out, there’s always Charlie, right? 😉

  11. Lynsey says:

    I’ve just read this on holiday, fantastic book with some laugh out loud moments by the pool! Team nick for me!
    Ps can you bring the release date forward please

  12. Steff says:

    Oh it absolutely must be Nick, no question. Sorry, but Nick was just much more compelling, Tess’s unrequited love for Charlie is so rarely something that ends well that as a reader I just wouldn’t buy into it (you asked for an opinion, hope I didn’t offend 😉 I was really happy to read this one is continuing, can’t wait for the sequel! 🙂

  13. Rachel says:

    Team Nick all the way! I think Charlie is probably more of a fantasy. I don’t think the reality of being with Charlie will be what Tess really wants. She seems to have real chemistry with Nick, but with Charlie it’s more of a friendship chemistry.

  14. Jane says:

    I will be supporting NICK and tess must go MILAN

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