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Marc Jacobs Beauty

I can’t imagine it’s news to anyone that has found themselves on this page but in case you found my site because you were randomly googling British authors who live in New York and love professional wrestling, hi, my name is Lindsey and I’m a huge fan of make up and Marc Jacobs.

In all honesty, I haven’t made a major purchase from MJ in ages but when I received my fancy Sephora Rouge VIB mailer, announcing his arrival into the beauty space, I was giddy. But the more I thought about it, the less excited I got. I mean, how many beauty brands do we need? And what could MJ really bring to the market that didn’t already exist? Because I am a committed investigative journalist-slash-make up whore, I destroyed my credit card limit and found out – JUST FOR YOU.

marc jacobs beauty

The most important thing to say about this range is, it’s good. I mean, it’s beautiful to look at, it feels incredible in your hand and it works. The packaging is so understated and glamorous, all sleek and shiny and black and silver and, maybe this isn’t a win for everyone but, it’s all so heavy. The lipsticks have a hypnotic magnetic closure and if you put three of them inside a sock and whacked someone in the temple with it, they would die. RESULT. Speaking of the lipsticks, they are wonderful. Rich, creamy, great colours and wonderful pay off, I’ve already invested in two and I know they won’t be the only ones that find their way into my cosmetics collection.

Less exciting for me was the gel foundation. While the colour selection was amazing (they have a colour that is too pale even for me!), I didn’t feel as though it lasted so well and the finish couldn’t compare to my beloved Armani Luminous Silk. That’s not to say it isn’t good, it just isn’t my personal favourite. The lip glosses and the eye shadow palettes were the same sort of story, lovely colours, nice finishes but nothing overly exciting.

marc jacobs beauty

Of course, that was before I tried the gel eyeliners. HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS. It’s pencil but it’s a gel and it lasts forever and the colours are gorgeous and HOLY SHIT, YOU GUYS. Now, at $25.00, I think they are overpriced because while they are beautiful to apply and last longer than most of my relationships, they are so soft that I’m constantly winding them up which leads me to believe they will not last so long. I’ve already got the Blacquer, the (Ro) Coco and (Th) Ink and have used all of them. I even bought a second Blacquer for my sixties eyeliner rocking friend and insisted it would change her life. I’ve never been one for hyperbole, as you know.

Apparently the range isn’t coming to the UK until 2014 but if you’re able to get your mitts on anything, I would definitely recommend the eyeliners and the lipsticks first. I don’t claim anything is a game changer without really, really believing in it and these two products have not been off my face since I bought them. After that, if you’re not already broke, I really like the lip balm, the shadow palettes and the pressed powder, if only because they’re bloody beautiful to use, look at and basically swank around with in front of your friends. Who doesn’t love that?


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  1. Ashleigh Sturge says:

    Well, this is all well and good as I love Marc Jacobs as well as you but I’m broke, like literally nothing!!! So it looks like I’m doing a ton of saving xxx

  2. Charlotte O'Connor says:

    Dont know if anyones ever mentioned that you look just like Sarah Rue in the Big Bang Theory. everytime i see that episode im like Heeey Lindsey! t.v star too a? Kinda random! Gel Liner wow! Bobbi is releasing the exact same thing! may be cheaper? but its no Marc Jacobs! 😉

    Check her out here!

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  4. I so agree! MJB is so cool!

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