‘I wanted to savour every page’

Dear god, Christmas, New York, Angela, Alex, Jenny, babies, when you think the ‘I Heart’ series couldn’t get any better, Miss Kelk hits you with a belter of a book.

All of my favourite things wrapped into 347 pages.

Reading the book before release I knew I needed to hurry to submit my review, but I wanted to savour every page, and eat a gingerbread man and have a glass of eggnog with every chapter (yes I might have put an express order for eggnog from a well know shopping site online).

I heart Christmas takes you on the next rollercoaster into the married life of Alex and Angela and her career at Gloss, some old but great characters re-appear and make it the perfect Christmas book, lots of laughter, knowing nods, tears to Christmas songs whilst being transported around the sidewalks of Manhattan and Brooklyn.

It is my favourite time of the year and set in my favourite city, the book has mentally stood me in the Christmas market in Bryant Park with a glass of mulled wine listening to Bing singing White Christmas. Thanks Lindsey, I may be a few £’s lighter and have an airline ticket winging it’s way to my inbox as we speak!

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