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‘Jenny has decided to suddenly drop the bombshell’

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‘Jenny has decided to suddenly drop the bombshell’

I was given the chance to review this book and immediately jumped at it. I am fanatical about all things Christmas and love Lindsey’s books too, so this seemed a too good of an opportunity to give up! Laura Brindley

“Angela is back once again for another adventure and this time it’s a seasonal one.  Angela is enjoying her married life and is making plans for the perfect Christmas in New York. Our protagonist plans to have the enormous tree and educate all her American friends on the traditional British Christmas she loves so much including all the traditional British Christmas food she has been storing away.

Angela had big plans for the holidays enjoying time off work and spending it with her husband and friends. Everything is going well until big news at work upsets her plans as she gets a interim promotion with extra responsibilities and challenging members of staff to deal with including an old enemy.

Jenny has decided to suddenly drop the bombshell that she is ready to have a baby and is looking for a guy to father her child.  Angela is shocked by her decision and tries to convince her friend that this is not the right time for her and how demanding a child can be.  On supporting her friend Angela battles with her own feelings on when or if she is ready for a child herself although Alex appears to have other ideas.

Angela is also greeted by an old friend who has suddenly arrived on her doorstep and has planned to stay with her for a couple of days.  Angela is pleased to see her friend but after various conversations discovers that her friend has also ran away from home and gone straight to New York like she once did.

Angela parents have also decided to invite themselves to join her and Alex for Christmas in New York much to Angela’s dismay.

Alex is being very mysterious and keeping secrets from her only to reveal he is trying to ensure Angela has the best Christmas ever and reminds her of all the good times they have shared since being together in New York.

I am pleased Angela and the I heart series is back for another installment and with all of her returning friends.  In true Angela fashion arguments and disagreements are never far away.  However she really does seem to be able to manage to have it all and still enjoy her perfect Christmas with all her cherished family and friends to enjoy the holidays.

The back of the book also includes Angela’s guide to Christmas which detail Angela’s top Christmas films and songs and things to do for the perfect Christmas.  Angela also explains the major differences between a traditional British and traditional American Christmas.

As a huge Christmas fan I think this book is perfect for getting you in the Christmas spirit and would highly recommend it.  I am also hoping that there will be a further installment to the I heart Series.”http://0

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