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2013 Beauty Faves

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2013 Beauty Faves

When life hands me lemons, I do not make lemonade. I throw the lemons back at life and run sobbing for the closest Sephora. Make up is my happy place. I mean, who can cry when they’ve achieved perfect eyeliner? 2013 was a great year for new beauty finds and I had a very, very hard time narrowing it down to my five favourites but you know, you’ve got other things to do and I’ve got a bloody book to write so I thought it would be best to keep things brief.

Estee Lauder Cello Shots Pure Color Cheek Rush

Cello Shots

As the palest girl in the world (TM and (C) Lindsey Kelk 2014) I love blusher. If I don’t wear any colour on my face, I look like I have died. Now, this has it’s upsides because whenever I wanted to pull a sickie at work (which I almost never did, honest), all I had to do was forego my blusher application the day before and the day after, leading people to recoil in horror at the sight of me and immediately ask what was wrong. Brilliant.

The Estee Lauder Pure Color Cheek Rush gel blushes were part of the Cello Shot collection and have been my go to since they launched. I have all four shades in my beauty drawer (three were received as samples and the fourth, well, I couldn’t help myself) and wear all four of them, regularly. Not together, obvs. Because they’re a gel, I find they go on cleaner than a cream or powder blush but leave behind a beautiful, long wearing stain that you struggle to get from other products. As much as I love Benefit, my feeling is these blushes actually create the finish you always want to get from Benetint but never quite manage. Of course, that could just be me. I’m cackhanded with a stain but these beauties are so easy to use. If you do decide to invest, I’d say go lightly until you’ve worked out how much you need to use as they really do pack a punch if you over-apply and getting the stain off once it’s on is not easy. A total bonus if you’ve applied correctly, a bit of a mare if you’ve overdone it. Still, definitely one of my top picks for 2013.
Mally Beauty Ever Colour Shadow Sticks and Starlight Liners


Having spent a lot of time on tour and staying in hotels this year, I spent a lot of time watching Come Dine With Me on More4 but I also spent a lot of time watching the QVC Beauty channel which was magical. Aside from renewing my crush on Alison Young (one of the very first people to do ‘What’s in the bag’ when I had a my blog, BeautyMecca!), it also introduced me to Mally Beauty. I’m feeling a dedicated blog post coming up so I won’t go crazy here but suffice to say, I ordered a set of Mally Beauty Shadow Sticks and Starlight Eyeliners and HOLY SHIT, they haven’t been off my face since. My new go to eye is a swipe of of the Taupe shadow stick and then a light, smudgy line of the Taupe eyeliner. For a nighttime eye, I love the Wildthing liner which is a reddish, dark brown that creates a lovely alternative to a black smokey eye (that said, I love the black eyeliner too and often add it into the mix for definition). Once the liners are set, they Do Not Move. Can you see a trend in my top prods of the year? Long lasting without drying. My dream.

Full disclosure, I lost my Taupe eyeliner on New Years Eve and I’ve just bought two more so I NEVER HAVE TO BE WITHOUT. That’s where I’m at with these liners. And please bear in mind, this is a year when Marc Jacobs launched spectacular eye pencils. These shit all over them. Sorry, Marc. High five, Mally.

Marc Jacobs Light Show Luminizing Powder


But don’t despair, MJ, it’s not all bad news! I fell head over heels for this luminizing powder at the end of the year. Now, I’m not really a girl for sparkle – unless it’s epic eyeliner, I like my make up on the subtle end of the spectrum but this is beautiful. Yes it’s overpriced and yes, it loses it’s beautiful pattern (I’m a sucker for a good bit of molding) fairly quickly but this is a great powder for adding a certain sheen and finish to your make up. I wore it all through December when I was looking a sad and I really felt as though it perked everything up without covering my face in regrettable chunks of glitter. And let’s be honest, I’m not above admitting there’s a kick involved in pulling out the beautiful sleek black MJ compact at the end of your make up sesh. It does help that it’s a kick ass product but I probably would have bought it anyway. I’m shameless.

Benefit Gimme Brow


I’m not sure this is out in the UK just yet but ladies, start forming an orderly queue now because HOLY SHIT.
I want to give you some background on why brow products are so important to me and then maybe you’ll understand why I’ve gone ever so slightly mental. I suffer with anxiety and stress and when I am anxious and stressed, I rub my eyebrows. Sounds relatively innocuous, right? I mean, I’m not cutting or pulling out my hair? Only, I rub my eyebrows until they fall out. Right in the center of the arch. And this is a BIG BEAUTY NO-NO. No one is as angry at the rise of Cara Delevingne than I am. But I digress. I’m constantly trying to practice leaving my brows be but most days, I have to pencil in the arch and try to create some sort of sketchy eyebrow combover, or the Bobby Charlton Brow as I like to call it, just to look normal. This product is a godsend. I don’t know how they’re doing it or what’s in it and quite frankly, I don’t want to know but it’s incredible. So much more than a brow gel or a mascara-like product, Gimme Brow doesn’t so much distribute a lot of colour or crispy hold as it thickens and fills the existing brows, meaning my tadpoles are tamed and the skinny arch is fattened up just enough to look passable to the rest of society.
And for that, I will love you eternally, Benefit Cosmetics.

Elemis Cleansing Balm
My last pick is going to be skincare related and maaaaaan, this was a hard choice. I’ve tried loads of brilliant new things this year and I know I’m going to end up doing some side posts about a few of them because shit, you need them in your lives, but my top tip for these wintery months is Elemis’ cleansing balm. I have already posted about this so I won’t go overboard but I had to give it a double thumbs up. Six months into regular use and my skin is softer, more even and more luminous. I’m positive this has just as much to do with the fact that the balm encourages me to massage my skin every night as it does the cocktail of fantastic ingredients but whatever, I love it. And a little goes a long way – I’m only on my second pot and it’s not even half empty. The two minutes or so I spend with this on my face are two of the best minutes of my day (and yes, I do live alone).
It smells fantastic, it makes my skin feel fantastic and it looks nice in my bathroom. Triple threat, people.http://0

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  1. Laura Coutts says:

    Hi Lindsey
    loving the sound of the benefit gimme brow as mine is very minimal! My top beauty buy this year was the elemis pro cleansing balm, I can’t be without it. I also love Mally’s shadow sticks. Love watching Alison Young on QVC, have been introduced to so many fantastic products by her. Lx

  2. Laura says:

    Hi Lindsey
    Loving the sound of the benefit gimme brow as my brow is very minimal! My top product last year was the elemis cleansing balm it’s a fantastic product. I’m also a fan of mally’s shadow sticks, they are so quick and easy. I have discovered some amazing products thanks to Alison on qvc I am definitely a beauty junkie!

  3. Fiona says:

    Soap and Glory Highbrow pencil is amazing! Double ended for precision! Love it.

  4. I loved Marc Jacobs’ lipstick and nail polish but the luminizing powder was a disappointment.

    Fave mascara for me this year was Oriflame’s Volume Build Mascara. I could add loads of layers and my lashes were big and bold but never felt heavy or stiff.

  5. Jo says:

    Thanks for the great tips Lindsey! X

  6. That Marc Jacobs luminizing powder looks ah-mazing! Perfect to give a little winter glow! Great picks! 🙂 x

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