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The Great Kiss Off 2014

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The Great Kiss Off 2014

Years and years and years ago (well, about five years actually) when I was naught but a wee baby beauty blogger on this great big internet, I ran a blog project called The Great Kiss Off and every day in February me or one of my friends trialled a lipstick and reviewed it for all the internet to enjoy. While it was super fun to talk lippie with my ladies, the main thing I got out of it was forcing myself out of my make up rut and trying new looks that I might not have gone for otherwise. I’m a dreadful on for sticking to my two favourite lip options – Dior Colour Reviver and my YSL Glossy Stain in 7 Corail Aquatique. Seriously, at least five days out of seven, I’ll have one of those two on my chops.

And so to The Great Kiss Off 2014. The plan is, I will wear a different lipstick every day in February and post a short review of every last damn one. They won’t be long (because that would be boring) but I’ll swatch, wear for a day and fill you in on the essentials:
1. The packaging
2. The colour
3. Application
4. How does it feel?
5. Longevity
6. Kissing test
And the all important marks out of ten.

There are no real rules, I’ve got lipsticks from major brands and some cultier options, drugstore newbies and beauty counter staples. No lipstick stone shall go unturned.

Now, I don’t think I can be expected to go through this alone so if any of you want to help me out, you could send me a photo of you and your lippy along with the answers to the above questions to and provided everything is ‘appropriate’, I’ll post your reviews here! PLEASE HELP ME. Anyway, I’ve 20,000 words to go and write otherwise there’s not book for you this summer.
See you tomorrow with the first post in The Great Kiss Off 2014!

I’m so much more excited about this than I should be…
Also, I know the big picture doesn’t have much to do with lipstick but I’m wearing it and making a kissy face so that’s something?




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  1. Cat Halliwell says:

    I’m in… I commit to trying a different lipstick every week throughout Feb (4 new ones baby) and telling you my thoughts.

    If I’m lucky enougj to grab a snog wearing said lipstick, a kissability factor may also be included but this is obviously highly dependant on my success!

    1. Amazing! Can’t wait to hear about the lippies (and the snogs).

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