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The Great Kiss Off: Jouer Lip Enhancer

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The Great Kiss Off: Jouer Lip Enhancer

Today’s Great Kiss Off review is from one of my fave brands, Jouer…
Behold! The wonder of Jouer Lip Enhancer!

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1. The Packaging: Simple white tube, easy to find in my handbag, no quibbles from me.

2. The Colour: There are several different shades of lip enhancer but I was looking for something super nude to balance out a shimmery eye/liquid liner look. This did the trick perfectly, simple and pretty.

3. Application: Squeeze tube, apply tube to lips, smack lips together, look awesome. Any problems? No.

4. How does it feel?: Really, really lovely. The lip enhancers include vitamin E, shea butter, jojoba oil and Jouer’s ‘clinically proven Maxi-Lip™’ which is supposed to increase the fullness of your lips and decrease fine lines. I haven’t been using it the prescribed three times a day for a month (defeats the object of using a different lippy every day, really) but I can’t argue with how nice my lips felt while I was wearing it.

Jouer lip enhancer5. Longevity: If you’re not eating, drinking or talking, then it’s just fine… only I’m constantly doing all of those things. Given that application is so easy, it’s not exactly a hardship to pop it back on if the colour is essential to your look but this isn’t and doesn’t pretend to be a long-wearing product so keep that in mind.

6. Kissing test: I air-kissed my friend a bunch of times and his dog got all up in my grill but that was about all the smooching I got up to. Given how nice it felt on my kisser, I’m assuming it would feel lovely and given that this shade is so nude, there wouldn’t be too much colour transfer to worry about. So, it’s a winner!

Overall, I’m giving Jouer Lip Enhancer 9/10. It does exactly what it says on the tin and the only thing I was even slightly miffed about was having to reapply after eating and drinking, but I’m a greedy lush so that might not be as big of a problem for the rest of you.

Massively necessary legal disclaimer: A sample of the product was provided for review. Thank you!






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