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The Great Kiss Off: Mally Beauty OMG Pink!

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The Great Kiss Off: Mally Beauty OMG Pink!

Today’s Great Kiss Off review is Mally Beauty’s High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in OMG Pink!
Mally added the exclamation point. I’m OK with it.

lindsey kelk mally beauty

1. The Packaging: Similar to Stila’s lipglosses but with an added band of snakeskin. To be honest, I could manage without it but each to her own. The pens are reassuringly chunky and delivery of the product is smooth and easy after the initial couple of dozen twists.

2. The Colour: There are heaps of shades in the range but I loved this one. Bright and clean, pretty colour pop without being too loud and in your face. Paired perfectly with lightly lined eyes and pink cheeks. The finish is shiny rather than sparkly or super wet-look gloss, which is right up my alley. These have been my go-to glosses of late, perfect to perk up any look and easy to carry around. I’m crushing.

3. Application: Click the bottom of the pen, product comes out the top. Bingo. Also, the lid stays on when it’s bouncing around in my bags meaning I don’t get a sticky, icky mess in the bottom of my Mulberry. THANKS, MALLY!

mally beauty omg pink

4. How does it feel?: Nice! I would say it felt more like a gloss than a liquid lipstick (because it is) but it’s silky rather than tacky and the colour payoff on this shade (and the others that I tried) is great. I like it.

5. Longevity: Not great. Because this is more of a gloss than a liquid lipstick, it does come off when you eat and drink which could be disappointing if you were buying without trying but knowing that, I would still buy again. Actually itching to try another couple of colours.

6. Kissing test: There is some transference, I won’t lie BUT you’re a lot more likely to get a snog because of the beautiful colour and sexy shine, so isn’t it worth it?

Mally’s High Shine Liquid Lipstick is getting an 8/10
I loved the colour and the way it felt on my lips but I can see how it could be disappointing to wind up with a great gloss rather than the liquid lipstick you were expecting. As a gloss however, I love them. Maybe a rebrand is in its future?http://0

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