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The Great Kiss Off: MAC Please Me

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The Great Kiss Off: MAC Please Me

Today’s Great Kiss Off review comes from Isabell Jankowski in Germany and once again, her pictures and awesome language skills demonstrate what a failure I am as a human being…

Anyway, on with the review!

MAC please me

1. The packaging 8/10
Gorgeous as always! Personally I love the look and feel of MAC’s packaging, but it’s kind of annoying that you can only see the colour at the bottom. So all of my MAC lippies stand upside down in my little lipstick stand, which looks a bit weird.
2. The colour 9/10
For me a total My Lips But Better colour. Very pinkish nude, but definitely doesn’t make you look dead. Instead, it kind of revives your face. It looks very different on everybody and even different in different lights, as you can see in the pictures. Also, it suits literally every eye make-up.
3. Application 6/10
It’s a typical MAC matte I’d say. A tiny bit draggy, so you need to moisturize your lips before application.
4. How does it feel? 7/10
If you don’t have dry lips, it feels good. Not great, but not annoyling dry either. I’ve experienced that it can feel too dry as the day goes on, but this is easily fixed with some lip balm.
5. Longevity 8/10
I’ve never come across a lipstick that literally lasts all day (or even close). But this is one of the better ones! It doesn’t stain your lips, but because of the matte finish it really clings to your lips and would definitely survive some drinks and maybe a salad (but without greasy dressing). As soon as it comes in contact with something greasy it’s goodbye Please Me – but as I said, I’ve never had any lipstick last any better on me.
The only downside is it’s not the prettiest while disappearing. As it is so dry, the inside of the lips often disappears first and makes the rest look weird. But this can be fixed easily be spreaded the residue lipstick with a bit of balm.

Please Me ready to party!
Please Me ready to party!
6. Kissing test (kitty version: 10/10!)
It’s a safe color to kiss with because it’s kind of nude-y and wouldn’t get all over the place. I didn’t yet had the opportunity to kiss with this lipstick on (except for my cat – this lipstick is definitely kitty smooch proof) but I think it would disappear gracefully and not get all over the place.

This has to be one of the very few MAC lipsticks I don’t own* but it’s definitely one I’ll be on the look out for! What’s your favourite MAC shade? Thank you, Isabell!

*This is an exaggeration. There are roughly one million MAC lipsticks and I own 38.
That’s still a really disgusting number of MAC lipsticks for one person to own, isn’t it?


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