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Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown

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Kate Upton for Bobbi Brown

Just to put this post into context, I am currently sat on my settee, full of cold, wearing a Wrestlemania t-shirt and trying to decide which episode of Sex and the City will make me feel better. So you can only imagine how delighted I was to receive an email from Bobbi Brown, full of photos of Kate Upton from the NYC premiere of The Other Woman.

Look at her. She’s amazing. Her boobs are bigger than Bobbi’s head. OK, OK, I know she’s a bikini model and I know I should be weeping silently into my bacon, egg and cheese wrapper but for some reason, I just want to high five her and then go out for cocktails. As long as neither of us are wearing a bikini. Sadly, I don’t have a cheat sheet on how to become Kate Upton but I can show you how to get her awesome make-up look – click on the picture below for a bigger view of the face chart.

Kate Upton FaceChart Premiere NYC

I love what BB have been doing lately. The Nectar & Nude palette and Hibiscus Pot Rouge have been on my wishlist for an age and I can’t wait to pop into Sephora and check out the new Art Sticks. Kate’s strong, classic look is beautiful but so simple that pretty much anyone could recreate it. Well, anyone but me at this exact moment but still, you get what I’m saying…http://0

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