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Lindsey Loves… Colbert MD Ilumino Face and Body Oils

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Lindsey Loves… Colbert MD Ilumino Face and Body Oils

On the average day, I receive an average of eight billion emails* but few get me as giddy as the one that asked if I would like to try Colbert MD’s Ilumino Oil. I’ve read a bunch of stuff by Dr Colbert and seen him on the teevs so I was curious and to be honest, cynical. So when the face oil and body oil arrived, it was with a certain amount of ‘meh’ I slapped on the body oil after a shower, sticking the face oil on my skincare shelf.

It wasn’t that I wasn’t impressed, my skin was smooth and soft, I just wasn’t wowed. It was fine, it did the job. A few weeks later, when I ran out of my Clarins Santal Oil, I picked up the Ilumino face oil, pumped a couple of drops into my palm and massaged it into my face. Well, bugger me. Ten minutes later, I caught sight of myself in the mirror (something I try not to do after I’ve taken off my make up) and my skin was glowing. Not greasy, covered in oil glowing but fresh, dewy and rosy. I immediately pulled up the Ilumino press release, checking what was in there. Surprisingly, I did not find ‘unicorn tears’ on the ingredients list but I did find borage seed oil, yangu oil, marula oil, passion fruit oil and argan oil, plus there’s retinol and vitamin C in there – two of my favourite anti-aging and brightening skincare ingredients.


Obviously, after seeing such amazing results from the face oil, I revisted the body oil and sure enough, after a few days continued use I saw fantastic results. Even my super dry shins were soft and shiny and given that they’ve looked like parchment since October, this was pretty impressive. I’m the first to put my hand up and say neither of these products are particularly cheap but they are bloody effective and when you’re as vain as I am** I’m prepared to work something out to add this to my every day regimen. That is not to say I will prostitute myself for skincare, I won’t. I don’t think. Probably.


* This is a conservative estimate

** I’m really vain

*** PR sample provided for review and I have never been so happyhttp://0

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