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The Twitterati: Lindsey Talks to Kevin

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The Twitterati: Lindsey Talks to Kevin

Today’s Twitterati is my beloved Twitter twin and ONE TRUE FAN (I think it’s a Lord of the Rings/ Highlander thing?), the epic Kevin Loh from I Heart Chicklit…




KEVIN! Tell us a little about yourself…
Buongiorno! I’m Kevin, a chick lit book blogger who loves cake and Twitter and books. And Chris Evans. I blog at I Heart.. Chick Lit. And I’m Lindsey’s twinsie.

Ooh, I’ve always wanted a twin. You’re stuck on a desert island for ten years (I’m on the neighbouring one, waving). Which three albums are you taking with you?
Crap. I have crap taste in music. I’ll definitely take Adele’s 21 – love her. Can I bring along a mix tape of some of my favourites (Love Song, Manhattan, Brave by Sara Bareilles, some Katy Perry, some boy bands?)

Sigh. Since we are twins and I would also need a mixtape, I will allow it. You can also have one person on the island with you… who is it?
CHRIS EVANS. He’s got a fantastic personality and his good looks hasn’t gone to waste either, he’s stunning. I would spend the rest of my life with him. Period. He’s the perfect guy for me.

Good call. Please tell us about your all-time favourite book.
I hate it when people ask me this, it’s so flipping hard. Hm. The Shopaholic series? The I Heart series..? AHEM. I have so many, I can’t ever decide. Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen. There, it’s timeless – Austen’s wit and flair is elegant and graceful and you will never get bored of reading it. I could always read out the dialogue and have a good time, following the banter and the clever dialogue.

I hate that question too! That’s why I asked it! Sorry. If you could travel through time to anywhere, where would it be?
The Regency era. Men in breachers, with their gentlemanly formalities and oh-so-charming mannerisms. The beauty of the English language back then. Sigh. And all you do to get courted by men is to dance and flirt.

What would be your dream superpower?
TELEKINESIS. I grew up watching X-Men and I’ve always been fascinated by Jean Grey’s powers. And… I will have the Phoenix Force too.

Congrats! You have unlimited funds and you can buy one thing; what is it?

I’m at a point in life where everything is going accordingly and I’m happy. Nothing matters when I’m happy. So I’m good. OK, maybe a well-stocked library?

That’s SO awesome. What do you see when you look in the mirror?

A smiling peanut butter cup (me). I take life as it is and I ALWAYS smile when I see a mirror. Wouldn’t want to be caught with a frown. Carefree, happy-go-lucky, that’s me!

What would make you happiest right now?

BOOKS. I am easily satisfied. I love books and whenever I get book posts, I am happy. And food. I love food. And my friends. Even my Twitter friends like Lindsey. LOVE her.

You’re the best. Who would play you in the story of your life?

GRANT GUSTIN. He would be the perfect me. Although he’d be better looking than me, but hey, he IS gorgeous.

Isn’t he just a great big bundle of adorable sunshine? If  I could have a Snow White magic mirror, I would want Kevin on the other side of it. Dreamboat. Check out his blog here!http://0

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