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The Twitterati: Lindsey Talks to Elisa

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The Twitterati: Lindsey Talks to Elisa

I’m back with another interview! Honestly, these are so much fun. You’re all a lot better at answering questions than I am…
Today it’s Elisa from Italia, we’re getting all international up in this thing!


Hello, Elisa! Tell us a little about yourself…
I’m Elisa and I live near Venice, as I love to say in the Upper East Side of Italy.
I love reading, watching tv series as much as possible I can stay up and listening to music. I love love love (less my bank account) shopping: dresses, shoes, bags, make up..I dream to have a big closet like Carrie’s one!
I studied languages and journalism, in fact I love writing everywhere and everytime: articles, stories, tweets, facebook status and I speak a lot. Too much. I’m a mix of Donkey from Shrek and Cid from Ice Age. It’s dangerous to let me drink too many cocktails cause I can’t stop my tongue!

You and me both… So, somehow you’ve talked yourself onto a desert island for ten years. Which three albums are you taking with you?
Only three??!! Mmm..David Gray Greatest Hits for sure. I love r’n’b  and hip hop music, so I’ll probably take with me a collection of my favourite songs by Jay-z, Kanye West, Beyoncé, Babyface, Pharrell, Nas, Sisqo.. Last but not least I love Modà, an italian band that I follow when they were nobody. I love their songs even if sometimes they make me cry.

As a special reward, you can have one person on the island with you… who is it?
No doubt, Robert Downey jr. But if he’s on a set I can call also Ian Somerhalder cause Ian..Oh.My.God!

EXCELLENT choice. I heart him hard. Tell us about your all-time favourite book.
When I was a child Disney fairy tales brainwashed me every day with the story of the prince charming and his white horse, now, adult only in my ID cart, I love “Me Before You” by Jojo Moyes, all books by Cecilia Ahern and yours. To read
all the “I heart” series I bought them in English cause I was to curious to read about Angela, Jenny Lopez and Tess.

I’m so flattered! And impressed! If you could travel through time to anywhere, where would it be?
I would like to live in the English countryside like a Jane Austen’ character, during the romanticism. I’ve to admit it: I believe in the Prince Charming. I’m not hard to please, Alex Reid will be perfect!

 If only he were real and there were ten thousand of him… What would be your dream superpower?
I would like to fly. I love travelling around the world so if I can fly it will be more easy to wake up and have breakfast in Paris, to get some sunshine in Maui during the day, to go shopping in New York after the shower and to eat sushi in Tokyo.

Totally agreed. Congrats! You have unlimited funds and you can buy one thing; what is it?
I’ll buy a flat in Brooklyn. The kitchen and the bedroom will have a spectacular view of New York. I love the Big Apple, it is imprinted into my heart.

Ha, can I trade my apartment with the view of my neighbours for that one? What do you see when you look in the mirror?
I worked as shop assistant for nine years but I wasn’t happy. Last year, like Tess, I changed drastically my life: work, city, way of life. Now I’m happy, I’ve more free time for me and my passions, I’m in peace with myself. Only one thing didn’t change: my war every morning with the scale, the diet and the gym. I’m a sloth!

That’s awesome, sounds like a brave choice from a brave lady. What would make you happiest right now?
Right now, after a distructive weekend with friends to the sea, my bed. But seriously, I’ll be the happiest girl, female and woman on Earth If I could do what I love as work: travelling around the world, writing and taking photos. Better if with me I’ve my true love.

Who would play you in the story of your life?
For sure, if I can dream, someone beautiful, slim, one world: perfect! 😉
I love Anne Hathaway, she’s so beautiful in her simplicity. I think she will be perfect to my role: funny, soap and water, not so flashy. Only one detail: she doesn’t have green eyes but there are always contact lenses.

I reckon if we can get Anne to shave her head, we can get her to pop some lenses in. I’m a fan too (and she lives in my hood when she could live anywhere!) so I like that choice. See how good your Italian is by checking out Elisa’s blog here. I’m desperate to go to Venice, who wants to come with me for a visit?http://0

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