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Lindsey Loves… Bond No.9 Shelter Island

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Lindsey Loves… Bond No.9 Shelter Island

I’ve been fascinated with Bond No. 9 scents for the longest time. The gorgeous star-shaped bottles, the New York themed scents, not to mention their beautiful store on my very favourite shopping street in the world, Bleecker Street in the West Village. Well, you’ll be shocked to hear they’ve done it again.

In summer, New York stops being a live wire fantasy wonderland where anything can and will happen and turns into a filthy sweat box of humidity and simmering rage. I would love to see the stats on how many more physical and verbal assaults there are between June and September, honestly. But I digress. When you can’t bear to be in the sticky city for another second, where does the civilized New Yorker go? The Hamptons, of course. And if you’re looking for a quiet spot to contemplate how effing awesome your life is, where do you go in the Hamptons? Shelter Island. It’s 27 square miles of delightfulness. Nature preserves, creeks, THERE ARE EVEN WANDERING DEER, PEOPLE. Seriously, this is where Bambi foes on vacation. So it makes sense that it finally has its own Bond No.9 scent.

There’s something really different about this scent and I’ve been wearing it and wearing it, trying to work out what it is. According to the press release, it’s ‘the world’s first marine oud’,  ‘a jaunty, sparkling-clean, decidedly unisex, quietly daring blend of oud with algae extract’. If that’s what they say, then that’s what it is but all I know is, I love it. It starts out clean and fresh but still interesting and dries down into something slightly more masculine but still decidedly wearable (and I’ve been known to wear mens fragrances on occasion so this is perfect for me). I really feel like I’m not doing a good enough job of explaining to you why I love this, so HERE IS A PICTURE OF THE PRETTY BOTTLE.

I like it. Try it.
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*Disclosure: I was sent a press sample for review but it wasn’t in the pretty bottle so this really does come from my nose and not my magpie eyes. Now that’s true love.http://0

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