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‘But honestly, ladies and gentleman ‘What A Girl Wants’ is her BEST book yet!’

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‘But honestly, ladies and gentleman ‘What A Girl Wants’ is her BEST book yet!’

“I love everything that Lindsey Kelk writes and I know I can always count on her books for pure escapism.

But honestly, ladies and gentleman ‘What A Girl Wants’ is her BEST book yet!

Reuniting us with Tess, Nick, Charlie and the gang, ‘What A Girl Wants’ whisks us away to Milan for fun, laughs and frolics – with a hint of drama thrown into the mix.

For two days I was lost in the world of Tess and I absolutely loved it.

Tess is so messed up and for me that makes her highly relatable and one of my all time favourite characters.

With the ever present love triangle, we find Tess still torn between Charlie and Nick, and just to make things extra difficult she’s also facing other tough decisions.

I am still firmly on Team Nick (sorry Charlie). He brings out the person that Tess longs to be and I just love how they are together.

Although he does, on occasions, need a slap, thankfully Tess has Amy in her corner and with a best friend like that, she’s guaranteed to always have someone watching her back.

It was great witnessing Amy’s character develop more throughout this story and she definitely provides us with a laugh or two. It was fabulous to also be reunited with Al and Kekipi, I love the dynamics of their friendship and on several occasions they wowed me with their advice.

Lindsey has the ability to write characters who feel like friends and it’s with these friends that you travel the globe and take in some of the most beautiful and magical sounding places.

With every Kelk book, I am left with a sense of loss and wanderlust. What A Girl Wants is the ability to live in the words of Lindsey Kelk forever!”


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  1. Steph says:

    Couldn’t agree more!! There defo needs to be another follow on from this one

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