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“Favoloso! Bravo Signorina Kelk!!”

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“Favoloso! Bravo Signorina Kelk!!”

Favoloso! Bravo Signorina Kelk!!

The devastation that hit me after turning the last page of ‘What A Girl Wants’ on the train from London Paddington to Swansea nearly made me do a shout out loud, I already was getting strange looks off my companions in carriage L.

I know, I know, laughing like Betty Rubble is only an endearing quality to some…

Tess takes you on a new chapter of her life, and packs a punch, with fashion, passion and a double helping of the Police. Lovely to see the return of a few familiar faces from Hawaii and London to Milan. They certainly brought a warm fuzzy feeling whilst serving up a slice or two of the Team Nick/Charlie dilemma. Also huzzah for the return of the c…womble.

I am now wanting a change in career and dusting off my Polaroid camera, any agents out there who like a five time filtered Instagram snap, I’m your gal!

So Miss Lindsey Kelk, you’ve done it again, another BEAUT of a book, I know this was a toughie to write, but god did I love it and I know your fans old and new will adore it too. Now, stop jetting off all over the place and get on with the new one.

PS. This is probably why I am still single but, TEAM NICK ALL THE WAY. Phwoar.
PPS. My new motto in life is ‘Don’t be a chicken, be brave’.

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