‘Tess has to find a way to get Nick to forgive her and make her mind up on who she really wants.’

“I am really excited that this is being released as I have been desperate to find out who Tess would pick, her dependable friend who she has had a crush on for 10 years or the drop dead gorgeous man she has only just met, Nick.

What a Girl Wants joins Tess facing a major dilemma should she still in London without a job and a home or go to Milan on another photoshoot with lots of opportunities.

Tess also needs to deal with the fall out of learning that her flat mate has slept with her lifetime crush Charlie.

After getting arrested in her own bedroom Tess decides to call the one person that is always there for her, who makes her an interesting offer.  After some debating Tess decides that she will go to Milan as requested for the photo shoot and is looking forward to being reunited with her new friends Al and Kekipi.  Her best friend Amy also decides to accompany her as her assistant.

In Milan and Tess is overwhelmed which the city and it’s beauty including the beautiful clothes she gets to wear and the amazing places she gets taken to.

On her first night in Milan Tess sees a handsome man in the distance which just happens to be Nick.  Nick the man that has ignored her calls and emails since the photo shoot ended in Hawaii.  But Nick is not pleased to see Tess as he hasn’t forgiven her for lying to him in Hawaii.

Tess has to find a way to get Nick to forgive her and make her mind up on who she really wants.  Along the way Tess, Amy and Kekipi show Milan how to party and also get themselves into a few messy encounters.

This is another great read from Lindsey Kelk and has left me wanting more.  I really hope there will be another installment and soon as ultimately the debate still goes on who will Tess choose Nick or Charlie? –  Read it to find out!”

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  1. Kekipi? What a name!
    Apart from that, you look grat on this photo, Lindsey! Cheers!


  2. Is there going to be a second part of what a girl wants


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