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Lindsey Loves… Foundations

As a pale lady, I often struggle with mass market foundations and generally find myself wandering back to the Armani counter, resigned to handing over my credit card and the soul of my firstborn to get more Luminous Silk. Happily. I’ve recently found a couple of bargain foundations that I’m really, really loving.

The first is actually a great dupe for my beloved Luminous Silk, the suspiciously named Lumi from L’Oreal. 15 shades, warms, cools and neutrals, SPF 20 and best of all, only $12.95 in my local CVS, this is clearly a winner. The product itself is lovely, it applies like a dream (I’ve tried it with fingers and a brush and both looked pretty great) and builds to give you more coverage where you want it but the overall look is very natural, evening skintone without looking as though it’s caking the skin. According to the website, the foundation is also chockfull of skincare ingredients, including vitamins C and E that will actually improve skintone and clarity over time. AMAZING.

My other foundation score was a Bourjois foundation that I picked up at Heathrow a few weeks ago, 123 Perfect Foundation. I know full coverage foundations are generally a bit out of favour but I love a flawless face and to me, full coverage doesn’t have to mean a caked face. While this bad boy just looks skin-coloured in the bottle, it cleverly Klonopin vs Valium: yellow to counteract dark circles, mauve to improve a dull complexion and green to sort out redness. All I know is that it gives a really beautiful, even complexion and lasts for aaaages without any dryness. Plus it was £10.99, less than half the cost of a bottle of Luminous Silk. HURRAH FOR BOURJOIS!http://0

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