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I Heart LA – Johnny Ramirez

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I Heart LA – Johnny Ramirez

It’s official, I have lived in LA for seven months. While my New York conditioning still craves bagels and seasons and constant low level rage, I’m adjusting fairly well. Instead of bagels I have juice. Instead of seasons, I have the beach and instead of constant low level rage, I have sudden bursts of wanting to kill everyone in a car. It’s fun! Adapt or die.

In my quest to get to know my new home better, I’ve turned to a bunch of Angelenos for their top tips on how to get by in this beautiful city of ours. First up, we have the man responsible for my most recently adopted Cali characteristic… my badass blonde hair. Ladies and gentlemen, the one, the only, Mr Johnny Ramirez.

That’s your favourite place to eat?
Pacific dining car; steak.
I can’t argue with this and neither should you.

And your favourite store?

Very important to an ex-New Yorker, what’s your favourite bar?
I don’t drink.
I’m just going to have to ask my next insider for two bars, clearly.

Favourite beach?
Matador Beach, Malibu.
Me too! Photo from – the only ones I have are of seagulls being dicks.

Where is your favourite place to spend a day off?
Magic Kingdom with my daughter.
As if we didn’t know already, Johnny is the best.

And what’s your super duper top secret LA insider tip?
Treat yourself to a private dinner with friends with a chef. I love Alexander the Chef.

You can make an appointment with Johnny at RamirezTran salon or check out his blog, Box No. 216

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