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I Heart Book Club


I Heart Book Club

As you *probably* already know, I Heart Forever is only a few short weeks away and looooads of you have told me you’re catching up on the previous books before the new comes out. That got me thinking – wouldn’t it be fun if we all read them at the same time and then got together to discuss each book in the run up to I Heart Forever?

I Heart Book Club Instagram Post

So, this is the official announcement of the I Heart Book Club! Every week, I’ll post a short video about each of the I Heart Books explaining how it came to be, what I was doing when I wrote it and any other insider stories I think you might enjoy.

I’ll also answer as many of your questions about each book as I possibly can and hang around in the comments underneath each video to answer any others you might have after you’ve watched. I’ll also be asking YOU questions about the books and scheduling some Facebook Live events so we can chat about the books face-to-face. Kinda. You know what I mean.

Time to dust of your copy of I Heart New York and get reading, the first video launches on July 17th!

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