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One in a Million cover reveal


One in a Million cover reveal

I can’t BELIEVE I haven’t shared this with you before now – probably because I’ve been actually writing the book and that’s been taking precedence over showing off about how pretty the book is. Note to self, LK, finish the bloody thing first.

But I digress. As ever. Wanna see a book cover?

One in a Million PB


There is a pre-order link should you feel so inclined but honestly, I’d wait until I’ve finished it, yeah? Or not, up to you. Here’s the link regardless – LINKITY LINK.

As soon as the edits are done, I’ll make a video telling you all about it and we can start counting down the days until it’s in your sweaty palms. I’ll be over this summer to tour, of course, and we can chat until the cows come home about Annie, Sam and all their adventures in… ONE IN A MILLION.

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