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Cinders and Sparks: Goblins and Gold

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Cinders and Sparks: Goblins and Gold

It’s almost time for Cinders and Sparks, book three! I can hardly believe it. I think book three might be my favourite because it includes goblin karaoke and how is that not a good time?

Cinders, her talking-dog, Sparks, a horse called Mouse, and her pal, Hansel continue their quest to find Fairyland. But even the bravest questers get hungry, and when the quartet stop at a market for lunch, calamity and chaos ensue.

Cinders is kidnapped by a greedy goblin, Mouse is turned back into a mouse, and Cinders’s fairy godmother, Brian, pairs up with Prince Joderick to rescue her.

Will Cinders escape the evil goblin? Will Sparks sing karaoke? Will the Huntsman find and capture them? The answers are: yes, not really and kind of.

Pre-order now to find out what happens!

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