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In Case You Missed It Mentorship Programme

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In Case You Missed It Mentorship Programme

Guys, I have a really, really, really exciting announcement. For ages, I’ve been looking at the best ways to work with new writers and put something good back into the world, and at long last, I’m very happy to announce the In Case You Missed It Mentorship Programme.

I will be working, one-on-one, with an unpublished writer to help them complete their manuscript and prepare it for submission. We’ll work together, either on a new project or something you already have under way, and I’ll offer support, editorial feedback, sparkling nuggets of wisdom (lol) and any other help that I can. We’ll work together to create a timetable and targets and I’ll be your loudest, proudest cheerleader from the first word until you send it out into the world.

Obviously my primary expertise is in romcoms but I’ve also been a children’s book editor and ghostwritten YA, children’s books, picture books, horror, thrillers and adventure books so I’m very open to working with writers working on any kind of book. The idea is, I want to help you finish your book! Whatever it is that’s been holding you back, let’s get over it and finish that damn thing, together.

So… does this sound like something you’d be interested in?
Here is the criteria to apply:

  • You have not had a book published by a mainstream publishing house – I’m happy to consider self-published authors
  • You are committed to finishing a writing project this year
  • You are prepared meet deadlines we agree on together
  • You write in English (it’s the only language I’m fluent in, I’m afraid)
  • You are enthusiastic and as excited about working together as I am!

The mentorship programme is open to all ages, all gender identities, absolutely anywhere in the world. The majority of our work together will be over email so location is flexible, all I ask is that you commit to meeting the deadlines we agree on and give it your best shot. I will read all the entries and select the person who’s work excites me the most.  Unfortunately, I will not be able to send feedback to everyone who enters, I hope you understand. I’ll also  be setting up a Facebook group for those who are interested in joining a supporting, nurturing writing group – I’m excited to find ways for us to lift each other up in 2020.

To be considered for the programme, please send me a short email telling me a little about yourself and explaining why you would like to be considered. I’d also like to see a synopsis of the book you’re hoping to write and an example of your writing, either sample chapters of your current project or a short story. Deadline for entries is 29th February 2020 and I’ll announce the result 16th March 2020. The email address is

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