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LK Travel Guides, Coming Your Way

I get an awful lot of emails and DMs asking me where to go when visiting various cities, particularly Los Angeles, New York and London. Everyone wants to know where to eat, to drink, where to stay, where to shop and more often than not, how to have the best day at Disneyland. I don’t blame you pals, the universe loves a planner.

Well, the truth is, more often than not, I’m on my couch with a laptop in front of me (just like I am right now!) but when I do leave the house, I like to make the most of it, whether I’m off out to dinner, meeting friends for drinks or spending the day at Disney, and that is knowledge I can share with you.

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And so, in the finest tradition of procrastination, I’ll be posting my mini travel guides here – beginning next week with Where to Eat in LA and I’ll be updating the guides as and when I find something new and delicious to recommend.

Hopefully you’ll find my lists helpful, I’ve tried to put together the most consistently reliable and special places I could think of; the restaurant where we celebrated our wedding, the place I had my bachelorette dinner, my local happy hour haunt and my favourite tacos in LA will all be listed, but if there’s any place you think is missing, I hope you’ll let me know!

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