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In Case You Missed It – International Cover

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In Case You Missed It – International Cover

In Case You Missed It US_CAN

Big news – I have the international cover of In Case You Missed It!

Here she is, in all her pink, white and blue glory. If you’re in the USA, Canada, Australia or New Zealand, this is the cover to look out for. Completely the same book, not a word of difference, but slightly different cover. What do you think?

A lot of people ask me why we have different covers for the same book in various countries and it’s a really good question! The truth is, I can’t really tell you. Different countries have different preferences – they like certain colours more than others, different typefaces, different images. Some countries buy more books with illustrations on the front and others like books with photos on the cover. It’s all down to ‘market preference’. Here in the US, I’m very much considered a romance author, whereas in the UK, I’m women’s fiction – they’re both totally cool with me because at the end of the day, whatever label people want to put on me, I’m a writer. I tell stories and write books and hopefully, help make someone’s day fractionally better. In the sage words of my spiritual leader, Taylor Alison Swift, Call It What You Want.

Australia & New Zealand August 5th
Pre-Order: Booktopia  Amazon

US September 8th
Pre-order:  B&N  Amazon

Canada September 9th
Pre-Order: Chapters Indigo



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