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Cinders & Sparks in the USA

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Cinders & Sparks in the USA

Very excited to officially confirm that Cinders & Sparks: Magic at Midnight will be publishing here in the USA on April 21st 2021 and we have a shiny new cover!


Behold the gorgeous art by Lissy Marlin and design from Corina Lupp. SWOON.

Even though the cover is different, it’s the same story as the UK edition, all the magic, all the adventure and all the sausages! If you’re curious to know more, I read the entire first book on Instagram and the videos are saved in my IGTV as a series, go check them out! Technically, they’re middle-grade (or age 7+) but they’re also Jeff’s favourite of all my books and he’s 48 so make of that what you will.

She will go to the ball. But nothing will go to plan…
A magic girl.
A talking dog.
Let’s get this party started . . .

Cinders lives a boring life with her selfish stepsisters and mean stepmother. So when her wishes start magically coming true it’s a surprise to say the least.

Then Cinders meets her fairy godmother: she’s magic, she can fly, and she’s called . . . Brian.

Soon, Cinders finds herself heading to the glamorous ball at the King’s palace. But Brian is NOT very reliable and Cinders is NOT very good at magic. Now her life isn’t boring at all – it’s total chaos!

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