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In Case You Missed It Launch Party with Giovanna Fletcher

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In Case You Missed It Launch Party with Giovanna Fletcher

You know, book launch parties are always fun but now I’ve had one of each, I can also confirm they’re a lot like weddings. You’re all excited to celebrate but you never really get to spend as much time as you’d like talking to everyone and usually, you drink too much (hic). This year, it’s going to be different. The launch party, not the wedding, god help me, I’m not doing another one of those.

Because of *looks around at the world on fire* everything there isn’t going to be a traditional book tour of In Case You Missed It but there is going to be a series of awesome virtual events fo you to enjoy, starting with my first ever open-to-the-entire-world, launch party, hosted by my pal, Giovanna Fletcher!

You can sign up to join us here and don’t worry at all if you’re not the most technically minded of humans, if you’re reading this, you can join the party. All you have to do is register and click on the link to join in the fun on July 21st. You don’t have to be on camera and we won’t be able to hear you but there will be lots of opportunities to interact for those you are interested, it’s all optional and entirely good times.

As an added bonus, everyone who registers for the launch party will be sent a link to an audio clip of the entire first chapter of In Case You Missed It, as read by moi! I mean, is there any end to the excitement? No. No, there is not.

We’ll have a bunch more Zoom events and Instagram Lives to announce over the next couple of weeks so keep your eyes peeled. I can’t wait to share this special book and all the associated shenanigans with you all.

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