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I Heart Book Club – July

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I Heart Book Club – July

We’re not even one day into the month and July has already proven itself a complete bugger when it comes to picking books for the club. THERE ARE SO MANY. The short version of what happened is that all the publishers pushed their author’s books back when lockdown first started and now we’re blessed by an absolute glut of corkers. Fantastic news for readers, incredibly stressful stuff for reviewers and authors alike. I mean, what if you’re all burned out by the time In Case You Missed It comes out on the 23rd? I KNOW YOU WON’T BE, I BELIEVE IN YOU. Ahem.

Anyway, it was utterly impossible to narrow down this month’s selection to just two or even three books so instead, I’m breaking with tradition and listing a bunch of the books I’m most excited about. Because there are SO MANY, I’m sharing them in batches so we don’t all gorge ourselves on beautiful books and end up with a reading hangover THE LIKES OF WHICH HAS NEVER BEEN SEEN BEFOOOOOORE.

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Kicking things off, we’ve got Jasmine Guillory’s new swoony, sexy romcom, Party of Two, which promises to be an absolute corker. If you liked The Proposal, get involved with this. If you haven’t read The Proposal, read this, then get involved with that. It’s a win-win, really. Party of Two has Los Angeles, politics, a heroine who is too busy with her career to find love (I LOVE THIS TROPE) and chocolate cake. What’s not to love?

Emma Straub is one of my all-time favourite authors. Her books are always an absolute treat and All Adults Here is already a lock for my top ten favourite books of the year. her writing is precise and beautiful, individual sentences sent me reeling for days, and her characterization is always perfect. All Adults Here is a warm, uplifting tale centering around one summer in the lives of the Strick family in upstate New York, their trials, tribulations and ultimately, their love for one another. A literary box of chocolates, the book is set in a world that seems so much more decent than ours is right now, All Adults Here is chockfull of HEAs and I loved it completely, I hope you will too.

Please enjoy this fine example of complete and utter favouritism. In what could possibly  be the proudest moment of my entire life, I am beyond thrilled to recommend the debut book from the best person on the planet, Coming Undone: A Memoir, by Terri White. It is such a special and important book but I’m not going to pretend it’s an easy read. Terri’s writes with haunting beauty about the brutal abuses she endured as a child and the way those challenges echoed through her adult life. I have to let you know this book contains details of sexual and emotional abuse, addiction, self-harm and suicidal ideation but If you can cope with those topics, Coming Undone will reward you with the story of how one person not only survived all of that but how she continues to astound and amaze me with her warmth, humour, grace and utter empathy. This is a true example of taking experiences painful beyond measure and turning them into something beautiful. This book is art. Terri is an incredibly special person and an exquisite writer, and thanks to this triumph of a book, the whole world now knows what I know. She is the actual best.

Queen Bee by Jane Fallon is a must-read for me and I’m excited to read it along with the bookclub. I fully admit to having a terrible Twitter crush on Jane and I can’t wait to dig into this juicy tale of sexy mansions, twisted female friendships, love and revenge. If I were going on holiday, this would be top of my pile to take with but since hahahahhahaha, ahh 2020, you massive bastard, I’ll be reading this in the paddling pool, cocktail in hand, in my back garden. Can’t complain.

Which of our first July picks will you choose to read first?

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