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Margarita, anyone?

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Margarita, anyone?

Because nothing says ‘happy publication week’ like a nice drink, here’s one of my favourite cocktail recipes for you to make before the Zoom parties we’ve got lined up this week!  (and so I don’t feel like such a lush when I’m drinking it during).

No spoilers but there is a chapter in the book in which Ros enjoys a delicious margarita or two so it would actually be unfair to the book if I didn’t share this recipe with you – it’s for the good of the book!

Lindsey Kelk, Giovanna Fletcher and Paige Toon
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Good Luck Bar Margarita

You will need:
Ice Cubes
3oz Tequila (silver or blanco is best)
2oz lime juice (fresh if you can get limes)
1oz Simple Syrup (equal parts water and sugar boiled together and then cooled)
1tsp Orange Liqueur (I like a little more, but that’s entirely up to you)
Salt for the salt rim if you like salt rims
Cocktail shaker (if you have one)


1. Fill your cocktail shaker with ice. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, you could use an empty jar, a travel mug or just stir everything really well in a large glass.

2. Pour the tequila, lime juice, simple syrup and orange liqueur in the shaker and shake, shake, shake until everything is mixed and chilled. This usually takes about 30 seconds – the shaker will mist up on the outside.

3. If you like a salt rim on your marg, pour some finely ground salt into a saucer, run your lime around the rim of your glass and then gently press the rim of the glass into the salt. If you don’t have a lime, you can use simple syrup or just wet it.

4. Strain your chilled, freshly shaken margarita into a large glass and enjoy! You can add a lime wedge if you’d like and no one here is going to get upset if you decide to include a parasol.

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