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In Case You Missed It – 99p ebook

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In Case You Missed It – 99p ebook

I started this post by trying to list all the things you can buy for 99p but let me tell you, it was a piss poor list at best because truthfully, it’s almost nothing. NOTHING EXCEPT IN CASE YOU MISSED IT ON EBOOK IN THE UK, THAT IS!

No, really, In Case You Missed It is currently just 99p on ebook in the UK (wherever you get your ebooks), along with honestly some of the best books of the year so far. I always get homesick when I see the Kindle Monthly Deals go up because we don’t have anything quite like it in the US. Sob.

Anyway, if you haven’t read ICYMI yet, jump on in, and if you have, I would love you forever if you felt like recommending it to a friend who could use a chuckle or two.

Now, back to writing book number seventeen!

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