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The Single Girl’s To-Do List Makeover & New Short Story

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The Single Girl’s To-Do List Makeover & New Short Story

Guess who got a makeover for her birthday? Surprise, it’s The Single Girl’s To Do List!

Rachel Summers has always been one of my favourite characters and I am deeply, deeply in love with this new, summery cover. It makes me want to pack my bags and escape, preferably to Toronto (like Rachel) so I can visit my Canadian friends. I have been denied Tim Hortons coffee and donuts for too long.

Along with the beautiful new cover, there’s another surprise – a brand new short story (but not that short TBH, it’s like 80 pages which is a third of a book) about Rachel, Emelie, Matthew and everyone else, picking up a couple of years after the events of the original book. I can’t tell you anything else without giving away spoilers galore but it was a joy to pop back into Rachel’s world and check in on her and her friends. An important task really because maybe, just maybe, she could pop up in On a Night Like This…


Anyway, should you feel inclined to read the short story or collect the new cover in paperback, you can do so here or at here or wherever you usually buy your books!