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An I Heart Short Story!

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An I Heart Short Story!

Pals! As you know, the Crystal tier pre-order perk for On A Night Like This was a brand new I Heart Short story which was delivered to newsletter subscribers before Christmas. A bunch of people have messaged me lately to ask if it will ever be available as a standalone ebook and the answer is, I don’t know! The story is very short so I’m not sure how that would work BUT I do know you can read it online right here, right now and here’s the link:

Jenny Lopez is Getting Married

As you might have guessed, the story takes place within the events of I Heart Forever and gives us a sneak peek inside Jenny’s wedding. Bonus points if you spot the visiting character from On a Night Like This! I hope you enjoy this visit with the I Heart gang, it certainly made me miss them even more and now I can’t help but wonder what they’re up to. Feel free to send me your theories…

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