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The Bell Witches

It’s been a long time coming but my YA romantasy debut has finally been officially announced, the first book in the Savannah Red saga, The Bell Witches, will be coming your way in 2024.

I cannot WAIT for you to read this one; if you ever loved Buffy or The Vampire Diaries or The Craft or even wrote a boy’s name on a bit of paper and set fire to it using a Body Shop oil burner, you’re going to love this book.


After Emily’s father tragically dies, she is forced to live with the only family she has left, an aunt and grandmother in the heart of Savannah, Georgia in a house as beautiful as it is mysterious. 

But all is not what it seems with the Bell family; they’re hiding a magical secret.

When Emily meets the alluring Wyn, she forms a connection that feels like it was always meant to be. As the spark between them grows more powerful, her life takes an exhilarating and terrifying turn; but every step closer to him, takes her a step further away from her family.

Emily will find out that blood is always thicker than water, and that there is no bond greater than magic.