Lindsey Kelk is a Sunday Times bestselling British writer, who was born in Doncaster, went to uni in Nottingham, moved to London and now lives in America. So far, she has written twelve books, including the bestselling I Heart series, and 63,500 tweets. Which is probably why her thirteenth book is behind schedule. Lindsey has been published in more than twenty languages around the world and sold more than 1.2 million books.
It sounds like a lot but her cats aren’t impressed.

As well as her ‘witty, funny, warm and clever books’ (thanks, Marian Keyes), Lindsey is a regular vlogger, writes a weekly beauty and lifestyle blog for Hello! and regularly contributes to magazines, getting into all kinds of scrapes with motorbike gangs, male models, erotica writers and professional wrestlers, all in the name of research.

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