Are you a podcast fan?
No? Then you should probably leave this page right now!
But if you said yes, I have GREAT news because I currently host two podcasts!

Full Coverage
Every two weeks, myself and my fabulous co-host and general bestie, professional makeup artist Harriet Hadfield, chat about everything beauty-related from new launches to cult classics, what’s worth your money and what really isn’t. Tune in to hear us review products, chat with industry experts, mercilessly murder 90s bops and generally have a good time, all while talking about beauty. We’re good! We won an award! Full Coverage won the best beauty podcast 2019 award at the Johnson & Johnson Beauty Journalism Awards in 2019 and we couldn’t be more proud. Also there is sometimes a puppy.

Tights and Fights
If beauty isn’t your bag, maybe you’d prefer to listen to me chat with my friends Hal Lublin and Danielle Radford about professional wrestling? Now, you might think romcoms and beauty and pro-wrestling don’t go together but I am living proof that they in fact do and Tights and Fights is hilarious and I love it and please check it out here: https:

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